OWS emerged out of nowhere, will TWS earphones become a thing of the past?

Since 2016, TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphones, also known as wireless Bluetooth earphones, have been rapidly developing, with major manufacturers entering the market and turning it into a highly competitive industry.

Looking at the current TWS earphone industry, the competition for market share has become intense, but in terms of technological breakthroughs, the differences between products are minimal. Apart from noise cancellation performance and appearance, the differentiation between products is almost insignificant.

With the introduction of this new concept, industry insiders predict that the earphone industry will undergo a "major reshuffle".

The dilemma of the TWS era is the inevitable result of the upgrading of human needs.

The development of an industry is essentially a process of adapting to changes in user demands. The logic behind product iterations is the iteration of consumer demands.

With the continuous evolution of smart living, online work, learning, entertainment, and daily life have become the norm. In the future, human interaction with digital technology will only increase.

Intelligent wearable devices, represented by earphones, are no longer occasional accessories but extensions of our senses. They have become important tools for capturing information, participating in our daily work and life, and fulfilling significant functions.

People's expectations for earphones are not limited to basic functionality of "clear auditory experience." Beyond basic needs, people are now paying more attention to the experiential aspect of the product.

Looking at the existing TWS earphones in the market, they have brought users unpleasant experiences:

1. They can damage hearing - News about hearing loss caused by wearing earphones is not uncommon.

2. They can cause wearing fatigue - Whether it is in-ear or semi-in-ear earphones, they intrude into the ear canal, causing discomfort. Prolonged blockage of the ear canal can also lead to pressure differences between the inside and outside of the ear canal, exacerbating this discomfort.

3. They can lead to hygiene issues - If the cleanliness of the in-ear device itself is insufficient, once it enters the ear canal, the blocked ear canal becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, posing a risk to our health.

4. Most products have short battery life - Causing people to frequently worry about battery power.

These unpleasant experiences make wearing earphones an unhealthy and uncomfortable behavior, which cannot be solved simply by improving noise cancellation performance and optimizing appearance.

The future of humanity requires healthier and superior products, and the industry also needs new technological leadership..
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